• Candy Castle
    a martini sweet enough for King Kandy. gin and fruit with cotton candy. $10
  • Licorice Lagoon
    2oz JED Hugh Wesley’s gin with pomegranate, lime, and Twizzlers. $11
  • Mr. Mint Flip
    our take on the classic Grasshopper with Carpano Antica and an egg. $9
  • Peach Blow Fizz
    a bright and delicious gin fizz with hibiscus, strawberry, and egg white. $14
  • Rubber Ducky
    a literal and figurative bathtub of bourbon, pear, and ginger with egg white. $14


  • Colonel Mustard
    molassesy rum with blackberry, lemon, and Grey Poupon. $9
  • Madame Rose
    a creamy and slightly floral treat with gin, St. Germain, and egg white. $12
  • Miss Scarlett
    a mulled wine, wintery sangria, red wine, brandy, spices, and juice. $8
  • Mr. Boddy Negroni
    lighter Negroni with Plymouth, Spanish vermut, and Aperol. $9
  • Mrs. White’s Smoking Gun
    mezcal with St. Germain, white vermouth, and lemon. $12
  • Rusty Naylor
    Highland Park 12 with Drambui. $13

Dungeons and Dragons

  • Barbarian Manhattan
    JED muscadine brandy, Torino vermouth, and allspice. $10
  • El Presidente
    a delicate mix of rich rums, Comoz vermouth, curaçao, and grenadine. $11
  • Sinnerman
    low alcohol but sexy af. Cocchi Torino, Salers, and Saint Elizabeth’s. $8
  • Wassily Iced Cider
    a Medieval inspired, refreshing blend of rum, spices, and juices. $11


  • Death to the Thimble
    pimento dram pairs beautifully with mezcal in this margarita. $12
  • Don’t Give Up the Battleship
    bourbon, fernet, falernum, maraschino, and lime. $10
  • Free Parking
    a pear sidecar with Clear Creek Pear Brandy, lemon, and cane sugar. $13
  • Hot Buttered Rum
    it’s basically like having sex by the fire on a faux-fur, bearskin rug. $14
  • Old Fashioned
    Larceny bourbon, bitters, Italian cherries, and a splash of vermouth. $13
  • Wheelbarrow
    an apple infused gin mule with ginger beer and lime. $9


  • Adam’s Apple
    a take on Champagne Cocktail with calvados, apple liqueur, and bitters. $10
  • Broken Heart
    delightful and floral. sparkline wine, Saint Germain, and parfait amour. $9
  • Rum Old Fashioned
    Kirk and Sweeny aged rum with Demerara sugar and bitters. $12
  • Wrenched Ankle
    Broker’s dry gin, Bonal, Grand Marnier, and Fernet Branca. $12
  • Writer’s Cramp
    apple-cinnamon Irish whisky with Cardamaro and Cointreau. $12

Snakes and Ladders

  • Hi Ho! Cherry-O
    Yellowstone craft whisky with Aperol, rhubarb, and cherry bitters. $12
  • Jungle Bird
    a delicately balanced blend of backstrap rum, Campari, pineapple, and lime. $11
  • Settlers
    white vermouth, Underberg, with almond syrup and lemon. $10
  • Sorry!
    aka Irish Breakfast. shot of apple-cinnamon single malt whiskey and a Guinness. $9


  • Caziques
    2oz Stranahan’s whiskey with a song of Caribbean spices. $15
  • Chutzpah
    a confident blend of scotch, madeira, calvados, benedictine, and bitters. $11
  • Jezebel
    dont’ be deceived by this gin and creme de violet martini. she’s out to get you. $11
  • Maximize
    Highland Park Maximus, raisin scotch, Cardamaro, Benediktine, and bitters. $12